Androlic (Oxemetholone)



MOQ: 5 boxes
Name: Androlic
As knows as: Oxemetholone, Anadrol
Substance: Oxemetholone
Contents: 50mg x 100-tablets
Manufacturer: British Dispensary


Androlic (Oxemetholone)  is also called Oxymetholone is a popular oral steroid. Androlic tablet is a strong oral steroid to build weight. Androlic tablet enhance body mass rapidly. Androlic tablet is capable to add more than 5kg weight in 4 weeks. Androlic tablet produces lean body weight. Androlic tablet enhance water retention to build weight. Androlic tablet enhances calcium accumulation. Androlic tablet enhances bone strength. Oxymetholone tablet enhances oxygenated blood which improves metabolic activity. Androlic 50mg tablet enhances erythropoietin. Androlic tablet enhance red blood cell. Androlic tablet is a reliable drug to control bone and joint pain.

Alternative name: Androlic  is also called Anadrol, Oxydrol, and Oxymetholone.


to treat anemia and osteoporosis. Androlic tablet is used to treat joint pain. Androlic develops bodyweight rapidly. Androlic tablet enhances energy level.

Side effect:

Androlic (Oxemetholone) 50mg x 100 tablets may accumulate water uptake. Androlic tablet shows gyno effect on human body.

Dose & Cycle:

Androlic tablet prescribed daily and the dose is only 2-3 tablets daily. Androlic tablet prescribed with Arimidex tablet to control estrogenic effect.

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Androlic (Oxemetholone)

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