Humatrope (Human Growth Hormone)


Trade Name: Humatrope
Substance: Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin
Content: 15IU x 2 bottles = 30IU
Manufacturer: Eli Lilly


Humatrope (Human Growth Hormone) is a strong growth hormone. Humatrope vial is a non-toxic bodybuilding drug to have weight. Humatrope vial produces solid mass and performance. Humatrope vial is manufactured for the child and older people. Humatrope vial is now used to maintain good health. Humatrope vial contains Somatropin which helps to maintain good health. Humatrope vial is capable to add 191 amino protein. Humatrope vial enhances protein assimilation which develops body mass. Humatrope vial improves the production of sex hormone. Humatrope vial enhances fat-free weight. Humatrope 15IU vial produces solid weight in a month. Humatrope injection is used to promotes quality muscle mass rapidly.


Humatrope 15IU vial is a safest injectable drug to build solid mass. Humatrope produces solid weight in a month. Humatrope vial bind androgen which develops high-quality muscle mass. Humatrope injection builds lean weight rapidly. Humatrope vial is a wonderful drug to treat obesity. Humatrope vial often used to enhance performance. Humatrope vial used to treat delayed growth. Humatrope vial is also prescribed to treat hormone deficiency.

Dose and cycle:

Humatrope vial remains viable for 2-3 weeks. Humatrope vial prescribed once or twice in a week to build weight. Humatrope vial prescribed for 2 months.

Side effect: No side effect observed on the human body.

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Humatrope (Human Growth Hormone)

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